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Dog Walking Testimonials:

Every now and again, you just get lucky in life. That's how I felt when, looking for a pet sitter online, I found True Friend's Pet Care. 

I had never used a dog walker, or pet sitter, before, so I was really anxious at first. Would my little Jack Russell puppy be too much for them? (He is VERY energetic.) Could I trust them to keep him from bolting out the front door and eating dead bees? (His favorite pastime.) Would I feel comfortable giving them a key to my house? Would it be super expensive?

The answer is that now I could not live without True Friends. Seriously. Natalya has this gift - she loves animals and they love her back in a way
I've never seen. My puppy, who as I've said is energetic but also very anxious around strangers, took one look at her and sat down quietly with his tail wagging. She is his favorite person. Natalya walks him, helps us train him (really, mostly it's just her!), and stays overnight at our house when we go away, so that we no longer need to send Georgie to 'camp' when we are out of town. I know I can trust Natalya to keep George safe, healthy and happy; it's such a HUGE relief for me!!

If you need some help caring for your animal - not just dogs - call them!
Don't be scared! I thank my lucky stars every day for Natalya. Seriously.

- Nora - Westlake Village, CA

Last year, we found ourselves in a situation where we needed someone we could trust to come in and walk our beautiful puppy.  For the past year and half, Natalya has been providing us with the most incredible service.  Our dog is an energetic, fun loving Norwegian Elkhound who requires lots of walks.  We needed to find someone  who both understood Northern breeds as well as puppies and the fun and games they can get into.  Natalya is kind, firm and consistent - which is exactly what Bjorn needed and needs.  Natalya has become part of ours lives and I don't know what we would do without her.
I love the notes she writes to us about the small adventures of the daily walk, the places explored and other details which she knows we would like to be informed about with respect to our dog.   We highly recommend Natalya!

- Marianne - Westlake Village, CA

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When we brought our beagle puppy home in June of 2011, I planned to stay home with him during the summer while I was off from teaching. In the fall, the plan was to have Cooper stay at home in our atrium. There he would have access to food, water, a dog house, and a place to go potty. It was the perfect plan! However, within days we discovered that he had separation anxiety that was leading to him barking continuously while I was away at work... a situation that did not please our near neighbors! We were forced to think of another solution, and crating during work hours with a dog walker in the middle of the day seemed like a good solution. I did a random search on the internet and found True Friends Pet Care to be well priced and looked like it would meet our needs. I called Natalya and received a prompt reply. She met my husband and I, as well as Cooper, the next day.

From the very beginning, Natalya was approachable, informed, professional, and great with Cooper. Natalya walked Cooper every weekday for this entire past school year, and I am SO appreciative of her work. She is so responsible and reliable, great at answering emails/ phone calls/ text messages, supportive through sometimes difficult puppy behaviors, would contact me if he was acting at all different from usual (which alerted us to a severe toxin he had ingested!) and even continued his puppy class training with him on her walks!

I absolutely loved getting the daily notes about their time together, and have been truly blessed by having found someone so great for my little guy during such an important time for him. I would HIGHLY recommend Natalya to anyone in need of pet care. THANK YOU NATALYA!

- Dana - Agoura Hills, CA

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I was extremely lucky to find Natalya's True Friends Pet Care animal services. While I am generally home during the day with my dog, I was in need of someone to walk, feed, and care for my dog when I'm gone for a long time during the day. I also travel from time to time and needed to find someone whom I could trust with my exuberant boxer, Maddy.
After meeting Natalya for our initial interview I was very pleased how thorough she was with the interview and gathering information about Maddy. She asked many questions about our needs and allowed me to ask questions about her services. By the time we were finished with the interview, she had
a complete understanding about Maddy's needs and personality. Of course, Maddy was also present so she could get to know her. It was easy to see her love of animals.

During the week that my boxer was cared for I received daily emails regarding the visit Natalya made to Maddy. She walked, played, petted, loved, fed and took great care with Maddy. I know Maddy loved seeing her every day and that she was well cared for. I can not say enough how having Natalya's services gave me peace of mind while I was away. I will definitely user her services in the future.

- Leslie - Thousand Oaks, CA

Natalya is the best pet sitter I have ever had. Not only is she prompt and her schedule flexible, but my two dogs adore her. She is responsible about changing the puppies' water if it is low, adjusting the temperature of the room depending on the weather conditions and alerting me to any changes is my babies' behavior. I also LOVE the little notes she leaves each time she takes the dogs for a walk. I would recommend Natalya for anyone looking for a dependable, responsible, enthusiastic pet sitter!

- Sarah - Thousand Oaks, CA

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Luna is a very loving dog. Because of her high energy and need to explore and sniff, she runs out of energy very quickly. In addition, she has had heat strokes in normal temperatures because she is BIG and white. Like all dogs, especially her breed, she needs exercise. Since I started working round the clock, she wasn’t getting the exercise she needed to balance her energy.
I knew I needed a disciplined, knowledgeable, compassionate walker to ensure she was exercised properly, without getting overheated. I am ever so grateful I found Natalya. She knew exactly what to do from the get-go, even more than I did. Thank you Natalya for taking care of my Luna. You are an advocate and care-taker that is helping responsible owners eliminate the media propaganda and abuse of this breed.

- Cathi - Thousand Oaks, CA

Natalya took care of my dogs after surgery, she was the best - they just loved her... It was my pleasure to get to know her, we miss not seeing her but I am better now so I am back to walking. If I ever need someone for my dogs it will be Natalya, 100% trust...

- Deanna T. - Chatsworth, CA

Natalya is great! 
I needed a pet sitter on short notice, and she was able to perform! She's an amazing pet sitter who isn't over priced! My dog Scarlet loved her immediately! She's such a friendly person! I'll continue to use her!

- Meagan - Simi Valley, CA

Our two large breed dogs can intimidate a lot of people on site, despite being the sweetest and most cuddly pups around, so we were nervous when looking into pet sitters since we knew we needed someone who could handle them both confidently and lovingly. We were so fortunate to have found Natalya at True Friends Pet Care just over two years ago! She was exactly what we were hoping for - from our first interview/meeting, we could tell how much she loved animals and took pride in establishing meaningful relationships with her clients. Natalya took time (and notes!) getting to know our two babies' personalities, quirks, and routines making their lives as stress-free as possible when we have to go away. She has been our go-to sitter/walker since the pups we just 6 months old and over the last two years, she's been there for our planned trips and last minute scheduling needs and is always thoughtful and consistent with the care she gives our 'children'. Natalya will even send us email updates on how everything is going which really goes a long way to reducing our anxiety while we're gone. 

In short, a lot of people can simply put food in a bowl, pick up poop, bring in the mail, and such. But it takes a special person to do all that plus provide loving attention, consistency in training habits, administer medicine when needed, and in general be the source of comfort for your pets when you can't be there. Natalya is one such person and your pets will love her.

- Andrea - Thousand Oaks, CA

True Friends Pet Care is as good as it gets! We have used Natalya's services twice now and she is beyond professional. She goes the extra mile every time and sincerely cares about our 3 precious kitties - Molly, Daisy and Zoey. 

Natalya first came to our house to meet our furry babies and to see how we would like them fed and watched. She had us complete a lot of paperwork that I wouldn't have even thought of and made sure she had authorization forms in case she had to take anyone to the Vet. She was completely ready when we called and asked her to watch the kitties for 3 days while we were out of town. She texted me every day to let me know the kitties were good and everything was OK. She even texted me photos.

A couple of months after her first babysitting assignment we needed Natalya to watch our babies for 8 days. She was fantastic. She even took in our mail and would switch lights on and off throughout the house. She asked that I let her know when we arrived back in town and I sent a text to the wrong #, so she actually called me and was on her way to our house to check on the cats just in case something went wrong with us returning from our trip. Now that is 5 Star service in my book!!!

I cannot recommend Natalya and True Friends Pet Care enough. I am thoroughly happy with her services. I used to be nervous whenever we left town but now I know I have a true professional that I can count on and trust. Natalya has actually made it possible for me to relax and enjoy my vacations!

- Sunny - West Hills, CA

We have been using True Friends Pet Care 5 days a week for the past 5 months, and are still happier than ever! When we moved to Simi Valley, I was so nervous about having to find a new dog walker. We interviewed Natalya as well as another dog walking service, and both my husband and I, as well as our dogs were very comfortable with Natalya from the second she walked in the door. She is the sweetest lady and truly cares for our animals as if they were her own. It is so nice to go to work everyday and know our babies will get a mid day walk, treats and more than anything LOVE. 

If you are looking for someone to care for your furry friend/s, DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER, you have found the right lady!!!!

- Kelly - Simi Valley, CA

Pet Sitting Testimonials:

Natalya of True Friends Pet Care has been amazing!  Although we don't like to leave our animals often, when we do I know they will be in good hands with Natalya.  We have been using her pet sitting service for over two years and she has always been dependable and trust worthy.  I really appreciate the emails and photo updates while we are away and she always leaves a hand written note when we return.  I find her very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. 
Thank you Natalya!

- Alison - Agoura Hills, CA

Natalya is the best pet sitter. If I didn't move away I would still be hiring her. I hired Natalya for several different visits and she was always available for questions, sent me updates, and checked in when I returned. I knew that I could rely on her for everything and that gave me peace of mind. I even forgot to check for one of her texts one day since I finally relaxed enough on my trip! My cats were also very happy when I returned and seemed to genuinely enjoy her visits.
Thanks, Natalya, you're the best! :)

- Kathleen - Thousand Oaks, CA

Natalya really helped me get out of a tough situation, I was leaving for a week and she agreed to watch my dog, Drama, on very short notice! Not only did she walk her more than I do, she always made sure she was fed, had water, treats and was never lonely! She even let her stay the night with her! Natalya really went above and beyond what I would expect a pet-sitter to do, and I didn't have to worry about a kennel! Drama was able to stay in her own home and be comfortable and was still the happiest dog on the block when we got home. I would highly recommend her to anyone for walking, sitting - or anything else Natalya's pet-care service offers. She was great and now that
I have been spoiled really wouldn't consider anyone else!

- Kelli - Simi Valley, CA

Natalya is an excellent dog sitter and walker. I have a 120 lb Ridgeback with separation anxiety. She loves Natalya and looks forward to her visits.

- Mary Kay - Thousand Oaks, CA

Thanks so much for caring for my Golden Retriever Angel and my Calico cat Evey. It is such a relief to know that they are in good hands with someone who genuinely enjoys looking after animals.

Being able to go on my trips and not have any concerns back home is worth ever so much to me.

Thanks Natalya...you're the best!

- Ron - Simi Valley, CA

We adopted our baby Cooper a few short months ago and were very anxious to leave him with a stranger. He has a disability and is very nervous around new people. We found Natalya and we were instantly reassured when she walked in the door. Cooper fell in love with her and instantly bonded to her. She has an amazing "gift" of understanding an animal's individual personality and had a wonderful loving way of handling Cooper and his special needs. She was dependable and did what she said she would do and sent us updates through out our trip. I would not hesitate to use Natalya again and would recommend her to all my family and friends. Cooper misses her!!

- Carol and Bob - Simi Valley, CA

She's done it again! Natalya watched my dog Scarlet,for the second time, and it was nothing but amazing!

- Meagan - Simi Valley, CA

Cat Sitting Testimonials:

I was so happy to find Natalya when needing to be away from home for a few days. She is beyond professional and it's easy to tell how much she loves animals. She was very thorough in going through the cat's habits, likes and dislikes and even sent us a text every day so we knew how our kitty was doing during her first time away from us.
Really glad to have someone I can count on so close to home!

- Pam - Simi Valley, CA

Natalya is the best!  We have two cats that are like our kids and were worried to leave them alone but everything went perfectly!  Natalya is very professional - she met with us and took down all the details about food, medicine, litter, treats, etc.  We know our cats were well taken care of because she sent us texts at each visit and included pictures!!  It was so nice to see our babies while we were away.
You can also really tell how much she loves and cares for animals,  it is not just a job for her.  She was very sweet with our shy cat and eventually he was letting her pet him!  She is absolutely the best and I would recommend her to anyone!

- Cynthia - Simi Valley, CA

It was indeed a lucky day for me when I located True Friends Pet Care through a Google search. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to find a good sitter for our cat when our previous sitter was no longer available. I have to say Natalya more than provided a replacement......she excelled beyond my expectations!

As others have written, Natalya is very attentive to detail & asked many questions about our Sofie's habits and feeding requirements. Since our cat was a former stray, almost feral, cat we adopted her just over a year ago and spends some time outside each day, I was concerned how she would do when she had to be totally inside for 8 days straight. Natalya came to the house twice daily for 30 minute visits that included lots of playing and quality time together. I understand Sofie did not try to get out, and she seemed fine with this temporary change in her daily routine. Also, along with the usual tasks of bringing in the mail, cleaning litter box, sending text updates, etc. Natalya really went the second mile by purchasing and installing a new battery for our smoke alarm that started beeping after we left on our vacation!

All in all, it was a great experience, and I am so pleased I will not have to feel guilty when going on vacation or worry about our cat's care while we are away. Kudos to Natalya!!

- Nancy - Westlake Village, CA

I am delighted with Natalya and True Friends as the pet sitter for my two adopted kittens, Lucy and Nikki.
The first time I asked Natalya to look after them she came over to the house to not only give me all the paper work related to looking after them but also for the opportunity to meet me and find out all the small details about the “girls’ as she calls them.
I was so impressed with her professionalism and her dedication to do the best for the pets she looks after. I was also so taken by how easily she had connected with the girls, no doubt she has a natural affinity for animals and the girls responded to her.
I love how she keeps me informed on how the girls are doing with texts while I’m away and always makes sure I have returned home as planned.
I highly recommend Natalya and True Friends. She is a lovely person and you will have peace of mind that your pets are receiving excellent care, attention, and love.

- Yassi - Westlake Village, CA

True Friends is a wonderful find. Natalya has been watching our 2 cats and very needy rabbit for the past two years. She is so flexible and will come for
a few days or several weeks. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty (stopping at the store for carrots or taking out trash cans), and it is great to come home to pets that are happy and so relaxed they don't even seem to have missed us. What we love most are the regular e-mail updates she sends on how the girls are doing while we are away.  We love you, Natalya!

- Shelley - Westlake Village, CA

I have two babysitters who have taken care of my kitties for years.
A few years ago, one moved to the East Coast; this year, the other accepted employment out of the country.  I had been planning this vacation to Hawaii for five years.  I had the reservations for over a year.  What to do!  I did not want to (could not) cancel my vacation, so I began searching for a solution.

I investigated the possibility of taking them to a Pet Hotel; but the thought of them being in such confined quarters for over a week, away from home in unfamiliar surroundings, wretched my heart.  And they have such different diets I could not be assured they would receive the special attention they needed.

I went on-line and searched for Pet Sitting; I spent hours reading the various advertisements for boarding, kennels, hotels (most of them specialized in doggies.)  I finally decided I could not take my babies out of their home.
They are all adopted and have been in that environment before - would they think Mommy had abandoned them?  They are all indoor kitties and they have their vaccinations, but would exposure to other animals introduce them to possible diseases?  I knew they would be stressed, as would I worrying about them.

Then I found True Friends Pet Care.  I read the Testimonials, looked at the 'Clients', and read about Natalya.  At last, someone who would come in to the home and take care of my kitties!  I contacted her and she came out to meet Zipper, Snap and Button.  I was amazed!  My babies run and hide when someone comes in the house, but they came out and met Natalya and let her pet them almost immediately!  I could tell they liked and accepted her right away, and I knew she was my choice.  She watched and made notes as
I prepared their meals (Snap has a sensitive tummy and Zipper has to have his mixed.)  I made the reservation a month in advance for the week I would be gone.

Every night I called and sang to them over the answering machine.  Natalya sent me texts about the visits with my babies every day, and occasionally pictures; she played with them and brushed them; I could tell they were happy!  I missed them, but did not worry about their care.  The day before my flight home, we sent texts about the final visit; it was the next morning when I realized I had miscalculated my absence by a day!  I had arranged for breakfast on the morning of my flight, but my flight was leaving at night and the babies would not have lunch and dinner that day.  I was frantic when
I contacted Natalya, but she was able to make adjustments and covered the two additional feedings.

I don't know what I would have done without Natalya, but I know I no longer have to worry about my babies when I have to leave town.  I won't worry about them, and they will have a loving, dependable and trustworthy guardian and caretaker.  True Friends is truly a gift from God.

- Rebecca - Simi Valley, CA

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Natalya and True Friends are a wonderful gem in our community. My boyfriend and I were new residents to Thousand Oaks and did not know anyone in the area. We had two trips planned and weren't sure who would watch our two cats. We found Natalya and I'm so grateful we did. Natalya is very professional, dependable, and flexible with your needs. 

She met my boyfriend and I at our home and our cats instantly fell in love with her. You know when you meet someone you can trust right away, well that's Natalya. I knew instantly that I felt safe leaving my babies and my home with her. While we were away on our trip Natalya sent us updates either by e-mail or text message. My favorite were her e-mails, very detailed, letting us know how our girls were doing. She also made sure our home was safe, rotating blinds, turning on and off lights, making sure the  room temperature was OK for the girls and also, spending quality time with our kitties. I could tell when we got home that our cats were very happy, it was like we never left! I knew they had received a ton of love and attention from Natalya. 

At the end of her first pet sit visit with us she left us a sweet thank you card, thanking us for trusting her with our babies. I thought the thank you card was so thoughtful and sweet also, I felt like I was the one that should of left a thank you card, for her! 

I highly recommend Natalya and True Friends. I'm certain you will find instant peace of mind when you meet her, knowing that your pets are receiving excellent care, attention, and love.

- Emily - Thousand Oaks, CA

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Ginger is a "tough" cat. She hides when strangers come into the house and is insistent about only letting her Mom pet her. When I go on vacation it is always traumatic for Ginger and myself. Natalya did an EXCELLENT job in caring for my cat. I came home to a HAPPY cat ready to play! Natalya loves animals and is VERY professional and meticulous in everything she does. Natalya's daily reports helped me to have a good time and not worry. Ginger was well taken care of, my plants were watered, and my mail was taken in.
I HIGHLY recommend Natalya as a pet sitter. She exceeded my expectations and I am sure she will exceed yours too. Thank you!

- Susan - Moorpark, CA

We were so relieved to find Natalya to care for our 5 month old kitten, Sunshine, while we were away. He was rescued from a dumpster when he was only 4 weeks old. He is frightened of any stranger entering our home so he runs and hides. It was very difficult to leave him because he has totally attached himself to us. Natalya was able to gain his trust and get him to come out of hiding in a very short time. In fact, they became good friends by the time we returned from our absence he was playing and cuddling with her. Natalya stayed in touch with us daily, letting us know the progress. I really appreciated her daily messages. It allowed me to relax and concentrate on visiting with my 95 year old mother without feeling guilty about leaving Sunshine alone. We definitely will have Natalya care him the next time we need to leave him. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has pets that need pet sitting.

- LuAnne - Simi Valley, CA

We have used Natalya twice now and she is great, we couldn't be happier.
Both times we were out of the country for 2 weeks and she came to the house to take care of our cat.  We left her with the house key and she emailed us frequently to let us know that all is OK.  She also pick up our mail and take out the garbage bins.  She fed the cat and clean the sand box.
I highly recommend her!

- Michael - Thousand Oaks, CA

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5 star service, hand's down! 
We have used Natalya's services twice now for our 2 year old cat. Natalya is a true professional and has had years of experience working with animals. Our cat loves her! 
When we first met Natalya, she asked many questions about our cat's habits and behaviors etc..one could tell that she has taken care of many different types of cats and dogs with a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. Luckily our cat is very laid back and easy to care for, but I'm sure that Natalya is a person who can care for any pet in any condition. 
She always does a thorough job following our semi-complicated instructions for feeding our cat. She has always been available whenever we have inquired for her services, even throughout the holidays in December. 
We will continue to call Natalya for our pet sitting needs. If you need a pet sitter while you are gone and don't want to have to worry about your pet while you are out of town, I highly recommend calling Natalya. Put your mind at ease while on vacation!
PS. Our cat is even pictured on her website under her furry clients....we feel so special!

- Allyson - Westlake Village, CA

I have also used Natalya twice now and like all the other reviewers say, she is fantastic.  Before my divorce, I would have our housekeeper stay overnight for the duration of our trips so that my dogs and cat would not feel alone.  Now I take my dog with me and have to leave my cat.  Natalya takes such great care of Neptune. I feel extremely lucky to have found her.  You never have to worry about a thing for your pet.  She follows instructions to the tee and even though I never asked, she collected mail for me and left lights on.  As the other reviewers reported, I received detailed email updates and photos.  My cat will throw up when he gets stressed.  I advised Natalya of this, but he felt so comfortable, he never did in my absence.  He tends to be very needy of attention so I was worried that he would feel stressed.  It was obvious that Natalya more than met Neptune's affection needs.  Thank you again Natalya!   If you love your pets, please use her for your next trip.

- Liz - Moorpark, CA

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We recently moved from the South Bay and have been using the same pet sitter for the past 10 years. It's always difficult selecting a new sitter for your pets, so I did a lot of research.  After reading the great reviews for True Friends Pet Care we decided to give Natalya the opportunity to pet sit. We were not disappointed and are glad we made the decision. Natalya if very professional and you can just since that she cares about animals. She sends updates in the morning and evening which give us piece of mind that our cats are doing well. It also makes us feel comfortable that she has a veterinary background and that the kitties are in good hands. I would highly recommend using True Friends Pet Care.

- David - Westlake Village, CA

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